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Producing the highest quality Wire Harnesses, along with providing the best service possible, has always been key to our success.  From simple grounding straps, to complex multi wire harnesses,DG Edgar has the experience necessary to satisfy all of your custom cable prototyping and manufacturing requirements.



Your requirements are unique and you need a supplier that not only delivers a finished wire harness, but a manufacturing partner that offers you the unique services that your company requires. Whether you have a loose concept or detailed work instructions, DG Edgar works from your documentation to create a Custom Wire Harness Solution tailored to your requirement.  With professionally trained personnel and the latest industry equipment, DG Edgar delivers your Wire Harnesses on time, every time.

Our manufacturing resources are tailored to fit your specifications.  From designing harness boards and fixtures to performing functional and specific electrical tests, DG Edgar provides quality Wire Harnesses for a wide variety of applications including; HVAC, Military equipment and vehicles, Aerospace, Robotics, Commercial, Industrial Controls and Communication Systems. 
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