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Custom Cable Assemblies
Producing the highest quality Cable Assemblies, along with providing the best service possible, has always been key to our success.  From simple point-to-point assemblies, to complex multi-termination type assemblies, DG Edgar has the experience necessary to satisfy all of your custom cable prototyping and manufacturing requirements.

Standard Cable Assemblies
In addition to Custom Cable Assemblies, DG Edgar proudly offers Industry Standard Cable Assemblies.  From industry mainstays such as USB and SCSI to the newest emerging standards, DG Edgar is your single source for all of your Cable Assembly needs.  Contact DG Edgar today to discuss your Cable Assembly requirements.
As a contract manufacturer and OEM cable assembly manufacturer, we offer services from the conception of a cabling project to the final packaging of your custom assemblies:
Designing custom cables
· Creating CAD prints
· Quoting small prototype quantities
· Quoting full-production runs
· Manufacturing high quality custom cable assemblies

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